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Fixing Windows not booting (blinking cursor) without second drive

written on 3 June 2017
Had a simple Windows setup where Windows was installed on the SSD + extra Data HDD. I recently took the HDD out of this system and it didn't boot anymore. Just a blinking cursor. Start repair from windows setup couldn't fix the problem. I then went ahead and fixed it manually by finding and removing a property called `resumeobject` in the BCD (Windows Boot Configuration Data) entry. I suspected this object to refer to a non-existent file. To delete this `resumeobject` entry: 1. Boot from Windows install medium, go into command line 2. You can now list your entries in the BCD: ```powershell bcdedit /enum ``` 3. To delete the `resumeobject` property: ```powershell bcdedit /deletevalue {default} resumeobject ``` Here, `{default}` refers to the respective entry in the list you got above. Note that the boot manager files may have been also installed on the second drive for some reason. You can recreate them on the main drive (with the Windows files on it), say the `C:` drive: ```powershell bcdboot C:\Windows /s C: /f ALL ``` Here, `/f ALL` specifies that all firmware types are supported. Check out `bcdboot /?` for all possible options.