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[Linux Teamspeak3 server] Using the serverquery to disable weblist or recover administrative access

written on 5 November 2016
The teamspeak server query over telnet uses an unencrypted channel to transmit the password. However, you can set a temporary serveradmin password to (e.g.) disable weblist of your virtual server: 1. Stop the server and inside your teamspeak server directory, run the server temporarily with a fixed serveradmin password: ```bash ./ serveradmin_password=PASSWORD ``` 2. Connect via telnet to your server on port 10011 (default) and login with the temporary password: ```bash login serveradmin PASSWORD ``` 3. To disable weblist on server 1: ```bash use sid=1 serveredit virtualserver_weblist_enabled=0 ``` 4. To generate a new access token: 1. Connect via teamspeak client and find out the number in parantheses behind the group name in `Permissions > Servergroups` 2. Create a new token via serverquery: ```bash tokenadd tokentype=0 tokenid1=<Group ID> tokenid2=0 ``` 5. Close telnet session, stop `` and run it again with a **random** PASSWORD 6. Stop the server and start the production server again 7. Clear out shell history entries containing the new random password