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Using zsh on Debian Windows Linux Subsystem as terminal in VS Code

written on 27 April 2019
You can install the *Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)* in the "Turn Windows features on or off" wizard. Afterwards you can install Debian as a regular "app" from the Windows Store. Then i customized my Debian subsystem to use `zsh` and additional tweaks. But I wanted to use that shell directly in VS Code. To do this: In VS Code, go to File > Preferences > Settings and click on the curly braces in the top right corner to open the raw `settings.json`. Then you can configure the internal terminal to point to the debian shell by adding the following (substitute `<USER>` with your username): ```json "": "C:\\Users\\<USER>\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\WindowsApps\\debian.exe" ``` Now simply open a new terminal and you can use zsh in VS Code!