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Fixing Not Found (404) error for project scans while setting up Jenkins GitLab Branch Source Plugin

written on 16 April 2021
In my case, we had Jenkins access GitLab through a reverse proxy - nginx. Gitlab was running inside a docker container. I could nicely configure then Jenkins job itself with the GitLab Branch Source Plugin, it even nicely auto-discovered the projects for the owner that I set. However, once it tried to do the "SCan GitLab Project Now", it would give me an error saying "Not found (404)" for the project. For debugging, I ran a `tcpdump -A port 80` in the GitLab container, showing an access path looking like this: ```sh ``` Clearly, this didn't match the GitLab API URL for projects, which expects an ":id": [](). It took a long while to figure out, that the API component of the Branch Source Plugin actually URL-encodes the "project path" as the id, i.e. the request URL is actually: ```sh ``` **Turns out, you have to tell nginx to use the original URI as-is (and not automatically unwrap/decode the URI...):** ```sh Wrong: proxy_pass Correct: proxy_pass$request_uri ``` More info in this StackOverflow thread: []()